August 9-10 

What would your life be like if you’d  become a Warrior as a teen? In this 2-day event, you can give your teen the life changing gift of becoming a Warrior.
Non Member Rate Normally $2,499 NOW for $1,699 until May 21st!
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Equip For Success

As a parent, it can be hard to see your children make
their own decisions, and you want to make sure they
are ready for life. So, you’ll love knowing that your
teen is equipped for success in life, no matter what
path their life takes.
Build Confidence

You already know the value and worth of your teen.
This event will help your teen discover their own
self-value and self-worth, which will give them
the confidence to create a life that exceeds their
Master Personal Safety And Security
We live in a crazy world and it’s only natural for  parents to worry about the safety of your children.  The Teen Warrior event will equip your teen to be mentally and physically prepared so they remain safe.
Create The Very Best Future
There is no better gift you can give your teen than
to make them the masters of the very best future.
They’ll come to understand what you already know:
that a Warrior creates his or her own future and does
whatever is necessary to make it a reality.
GUARANTEE: You will receive back ten times the value of your training course investment within 90 days. If you do not receive at least ten times the investment within 90 days, you can send your team member back to the next course for free.

DISCLAIMER: Guarantee covers the investment of the training course only. Does not cover travel expenses including airfare or hotel. The same team member must attend the same training; no substitutions.
What Are You Waiting For?
You’ve experience the life-changing power of becoming a Warrior. Imagine the impact you’ll have on your teen’s
life when you share this same powerful transformation with them? They’ll never be the same.
Non Member Rate Normally $2,499 NOW for $1,699 until May 21st!
Parents FREE
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