August 23-24

 The secret to a richer life is deeper  relationships. We thrive when we are connected to people. In this 2-day course, you’ll learn how to create and nurture amazing and life-changing relationships.
Figure Out What’s Working (And What’s  Not)
Are you serving the other person? Is the relationship
serving you? Figure out what’s working and what’s
not, and how to make the best choices to create truly
healthy relationships that are mutually rewarding.
Set Goals
 And Serve Others
Most people just let relationships run their course  but you’ll learn how to determine where you want a relationship to go and how to move the relationship so that it’s mutually rewarding. (This is crucial to a fulfilling life yet most people miss it.)
Discover Secret Truths About Yourself
Your relationships start with you. You’ll learn
how you are “wired” (and how that impacts your
communication and connection with other people).  This new insight will change how you understand 
yourself, and will help you understand others.
Deepen All Relationships—Family,  Business, Community, And More
Life is all about relationships and the most fulfilled
life happens when you learn to deepen your
relationships and serve others. Discover how to create  deeper, longer-lasting relationships that will enrich your life like never before.

Check Out What Happens At The Relationship Event

GUARANTEE: You will receive back ten times the value of your training course investment within 90 days. If you do not receive at least ten times the investment within 90 days, you can send your team member back to the next course for free.

DISCLAIMER: Guarantee covers the investment of the training course only. Does not cover travel expenses including airfare or hotel. The same team member must attend the same training; no substitutions.
What Are You Waiting For?
You’ve experienced Warrior power and it changed the game for you. What would your relationship be like if you had  a Warrior team? CEO Warrior will guide them to start thinking like a Warrior and be programmed for success.
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