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What Can You Learn?
  •  How To Crush Your Year!
  • How to Get The Competitive Advantage
  •  How To Get More Leads Without Killing Yourself
  •  How To Make WAY More Money With Less Stress
  •  How To Hire Rockstars That Will Help You Grow Effortlessly


Get the strategies and motivation to crush your goals this year. Learn to lead an unstoppable team and make more money than ever… with less stress and more free time.
Get Clear On What You Want For Your Service Business: Learn the strategies and mindsets that I used to grow my service business into a more than $30 million/year empire that ran itself.  

Destroy The Beliefs And Obstacles That Hold You Back: Discover the broken way you may be thinking about leadership and success in your service business and get aligned with what you really want so you can lead your team with power and skyrocket your business to success. 

Dominate Your Market And Win In Your Business Success: You’ll be handed the tools and mindset strategies that can turn things around for you and I’ll show you the exact steps to create success in business and life in 2018.


Learn how to generate more leads than you know what to do with.

The Problem: Learn the big problem that service businesses have with lead generation (and why it can be such a struggle to get leads)

Discover the reputation “hacks” that allow you to accelerate past your competition

Get the powerful steps that make lead-generation EASIER (and more enticing for your leads, too!)

Get The System: You’ll even learn how to build a system that works almost on autopilot to bring in a flood of leads. Implement these and you’ll never worry about where you’ll get more business from!


Learn what it means and how to apply it in your business right away for massive results!
The Formula: Find out how the formula “3+3+3” can transform the game for you and your company this year.

Get the Playbook: Steal a page from the playbook of the world’s wealthiest and largest companies to grow your business and create more wealth and freedom in your life.

Get a Handle On The #'s: I’ll share 3 key strategies each for Making Money, Saving Money, and Keeping Money (the 3+3+3).Gain a quantifiable leap over last year’s numbers with money that can really change things for you this year.


Become a hiring warrior and find out the exact strategy to recruit an unstoppable team that fosters unstoppable business growth.
How to build an avatar that will ensure you get more of the right applicants into your business so you can find the best people (and skip the rest).

The essential recruiting system you need to have in place (hint: most people aren't doing this). A marketing plan just for recruiting!

Create the Culture: The secret strategies to creating a strong culture that no one wants to leave, plus a retention plan to keep them!
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